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Hungary: New Obligation For Employers To Elect Work Safety Representative

A recent amendment to the Act on Labour Safety (Act XCIII of 1993) reduced the number of employees who can be employed at a workplace before an employer must elect a work safety representative from 50 to 20. The new regulation will effect more than 10,000 employers.

A work safety representative is entitled to:

represent employees in consultations regarding workplace health and safety; and
consult on the measures to be implemented, thereby ensuring the protection of employees’ right for a safe workplace.
This update describes the context of this amendment and discusses the administrative measures that employers must take.


The Act on Labour Safety establishes the legal status of work safety representatives. Representatives must be employees and be elected to the position by their fellow employees. Once elected, they have a range of powers, including – in the case of danger or infringement – the power to intervene against employer actions in order to ensure workplace health and safety.

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Source: Lexology

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