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    How to Expand Globally During Travel And Immigration Restrictions

    Updated: March 18, 2021

    The COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges for employers in the United States. One of the problems employers face relates to any company seeking to utilize workers with work visas.  As all businesses and government agencies have been impacted by COVID-19 related shutdowns, the possibility of engaging a worker on a visa for employment services has been severely diminished.

    The Impact

    Due to the virus, entry to the U.S. is denied to citizens from many countries around the globe. Additionally,

    • The immigration process has slowed drastically as many of the government agencies involved have had their processing delayed due to the temporary reduction of non-essential staff.
    • Office closures and staff reductions negate the possibility of required in-person meetings and thus completion of visa applications cannot be accomplished.
    • Other challenges to obtaining visas include basic logistical challenges like notarization of documents, obtaining fingerprints and photos for example.

    COVID-19 and its progression or regression will dictate the easing of entry requirements into the U.S.  Various government agencies will be operating on differing timetables on re-opening and providing services.  Prioritization of the processing of different visa types could preclude processing of those work visas deemed non-essential.

    How You Can Continue to Engage Talent

    As a result, employers should look for alternative means to engaging global talent. Distributed workforces are increasingly becoming commonplace for agile companies and iWorkGlobal can make engaging talent anywhere in the world easy. As employer of record, we take care of your talent from onboarding to offboarding and everything in between, while you focus on growing your business. With the uncertainty of business travel, border closings and uncertain visa processing time, engaging talent where they are is the future of work.

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