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Canadian Recycling Plant Ordered to Pay $1.33 Million in Fines, Back Wages

A two-year investigation into the employment practices of Canada Fibers Ltd., a Canadian recycling, company has resulted in the company being ordered to pay more than $1.33 million in fines and back taxes, the Canadian Star reports.

The City of Toronto Fair Wage Office investigation, triggered by a series of 2015 articles in the Canadian Star profiling one of the company’s workers, revealed that the company owed approximately 1600 workers back wages for not paying agreed-upon rates.

This investigation underscores the need for employers to pay close attention to HR compliance requirements at the local, regional, and national levels – a complicated and time consuming task, especially for companies that engage workers across borders or in multiple geographic areas. iWorkGlobal can help employers stay compliant and avoid fines and penalties, simplifying workforce management with employer of record, independent contractor compliance, and agent of record services.

Read more about the investigation and its outcomes on the Canadian Star’s website.

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