Global Workforce Management at Your Fingertips


MyVista, iWorkGlobal’s revolutionary cloud-based workforce management platform, opens the world to employers by providing a real-time, comprehensive overview of your global workforce to help you manage workers no matter where they are located.

Whether you engage workers through iWorkGlobal’s employer of record or agent of record services, or you need to request an independent contractor compliance evaluation, MyVista puts all your global workforce data at your fingertips.

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MyVista Features:

Comprehensive Global Dashboard
Understand your contingent workforce (in the U.S. and abroad) at a glance with a map-based dashboard that displays engagement overviews and details.

Worker Quote and Engagement Management

Initiate, review, track, and implement pricing quotes for worker engagements.

Consolidated Invoicing and Payment

Consolidate all your contingent workforce invoice processing using one intuitive interface.

Country-Specific Employment Information

Find comprehensive, current, and vetted employment law information for countries around the globe.

Manage Your Workforce – Worldwide

MyVista allows you to control costs and reduce the risk of costly legal missteps related to global workforce management while improving the speed and accuracy of engaging workers and processing invoices. When you log on to MyVista, you not only gain 24-7 access to your global workforce information; you gain access to the iWorkGlobal team of industry experts waiting to provide advice and help whenever you need it.

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