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What is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO)?

27 March 2018

As a company grows, its staff members may find themselves overwhelmed by payroll handling, or unable to afford the competitive benefits that help attract good employees, or lacking the expert knowledge to stay on top of constantly changing compliance regulations,…

Independent Contractor Compliance: the Pros and Cons of Engaging ICs

8 September 2017

In today's competitive business climate, more companies than ever are engaging contingent workers, such as freelancers, consultants, seasonal workers, and other forms of temporary or on-demand professionals, instead of hiring regular employees, and this trend is only growing. A large…

Independent Contractor Misclassification Risks for Canadian Employers

9 August 2017

Some Canadian employers believe the risks of independent contractor (IC) misclassification are more pronounced for U.S. companies than Canadian firms. While the legal and regulatory environment in Canada is, of course, different than in the U.S., recent case outcomes in…

Telecommuting and the Gig Economy, Cautions for Employers, and More

11 July 2017

This week's weekly employment news roundup features breaking news and the new research from the U.S., Canada, the UAE, and more, as well as updates on the latest workplace trends. Read more below. Latest Employment News Five Common Mistakes Companies…

Global Updates: Data Protection, Pay Transparency, and More

25 June 2017

From new German requirements regarding pay transparency to the business implications of a new data protection law in the European Union, this week's iWorkGlobal Employment News Roundup shares the latest employment news and workforce management advice from around the globe.…