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Whether you are just beginning to explore international expansion or you already enlist the support of a partner such as iWorkGlobal to manage your global workforce, it is important to stay up-to-date on the global employment environment. iWorkGlobal can help.

Check back often for the latest in U.S. and international employment and labor law updates, economic news, and risk mitigation strategies–all to help you manage your business, wherever you are doing business.

What is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO)?

27 March 2018

As a company grows, its staff members may find themselves overwhelmed by payroll handling, or unable to afford the competitive benefits that help attract good employees, or lacking the expert knowledge to stay on top of constantly changing compliance regulations,…

iWorkGlobal Appoints Taylor Crossland as Director of Marketing

29 January 2018

San Francisco, CALIF., January 29, 2018 - ​iWorkGlobal, an authority in global workforce management, today announced Taylor Crossland has joined the company as Director of Marketing. Crossland was appointed to the role due to her experience in the workforce management, staffing…

Lisa Soughers Promoted to VP of Human Resources at iWorkGlobal

8 November 2017

New role created to underscore the importance of attracting and retaining top talent iWorkGlobal, an authority in global workforce management, today announced the promotion of Lisa Soughers to vice president of human resources. Soughers joined iWorkGlobal in 2016 as senior director…

Canadian Recycling Plant Ordered to Pay $1.33 Million in Fines, Back Wages

29 September 2017

A two-year investigation into the employment practices of Canada Fibers Ltd., a Canadian recycling, company has resulted in the company being ordered to pay more than $1.33 million in fines and back taxes, the Canadian Star reports. The City of…

Independent Contractor Compliance: the Pros and Cons of Engaging ICs

8 September 2017

In today's competitive business climate, more companies than ever are engaging contingent workers, such as freelancers, consultants, seasonal workers, and other forms of temporary or on-demand professionals, instead of hiring regular employees, and this trend is only growing. A large…