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    Who We Are


    Founded Headquartered in San Francisco, iWorkGlobal was founded in 2011 by workforce management leaders who foresaw the rapid expansion of the global and contingent workforce and wanted to help companies capitalize on these trends.


    Launched International Services In 2012, iWorkGlobal launched its international employer of record services in over XX countries.


    Launched U.S. Services In 2013, iWorkGlobal launched its employer of record, compliance, and agent of record services in all 50 U.S. states.


    Expanded Services Globally In 2015, iWorkGlobal expanded its global coverage into 130 countries.


    Launched MyVista In 2017, iWorkGlobal launched MyVista, a global human capital management application, providing a single point of service platform for clients enabling real-time management of a global workforce in a single view. MyVista offers a real-time dashboard views that puts your workforce data in one place.


    Named PEO of the Year iWorkGlobal was recognized as Global PEO of the Year by the Global Payroll Association.


    Launched MyGiving In 2018, iWorkGlobal launched its corporate social responsibility program, MyGiving. MyGiving strives to make a positive impact to the environment and social well-being of our communities around the world.

    Helping Companies Focus on Their Business

    Our team of employment experts helps you minimize risk and maximize success. We help to ensure legal compliance with independent contractor classification, and act as your consultant, employer of record, and/or agent of record to help you manage your workforce — in the U.S. and across the world. We balance a strong commitment to customer service with extensive expertise in technology to provide on-demand information through our cloud-based workforce management platform, MyVista, as well as customized support from our experts whenever you need it.

    The World of Employment is Evolving

    As of 2018, over 40% of workers in the U.S.  have worked remotely at least part-time. Twenty percent of large companies are leveraging the Gig Economy with workforces comprised of 30% or more contingent workers. More companies than ever seek to expand beyond their own country’s borders and/or benefit from the flexibility of a contingent workforce. Yet, navigating the complicated administrative and legal steps for engaging workers who are not regular, direct, full-time employees is daunting and risky—especially if you’re engaging workers in multiple U.S. states or countries. As a pioneer in global workforce management, iWorkGlobal simplifies the entire process for you, getting your workers up and running quickly and easily.