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Agent of Record

Contingent Workforce Management

Paying independent contractors can be challenging. iWorkGlobal simplifies and streamlines your payment processes, consolidating your IC invoicing and payments through our award-winning platform, MyVista. You have 24/7 access to all payment and invoice information – from any device – and your workers get paid quickly. Additionally, we manage the administration of your contingent workforce program:

  • Client Satisfaction Reporting
  • Contractor Satisfaction Reporting
  • Document Management
  • Invoice Collection
  • Payment Processing
  • W-9 Collection


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What Our Clients Say

HR Director Health Care Non-Profit Foundation

We’ve partnered with iWorkGlobal for over two years using their employer of record and compliance services. Since day one, we’ve received excellent customer service guiding us through the compliance maze. Our account team members are immediately responsive and accommodating to our rapidly shifting needs while maintaining both a sense of urgency and humor. The entire compliance process is straightforward, and our organization has benefited from the efficiencies, processes, and reporting of the program they implemented.

iWorkGlobal has proven to be a valuable partner and “solutionist,” and we are extremely grateful for our ongoing partnership. Their experience, due diligence and appreciation of us is commendable.