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    H1-B Visa Program Updates, Retaining the Human Element While Embracing Technology, and More

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    Many U.S. companies that employ international workers in the U.S. are keeping a close watch on the news for updates on potential changes in immigration and visa programs and policies. In this week’s Employment News Roundup, we look at what impact those changes may bring.

    We’ve also included our regular advice on global workforce management and general HR resources. Whether you employ workers internationally or work with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) or other partner to engage them, peruse our selections for the latest advice and news in global workforce management and independent contractor compliance.

    Latest Employment News

    • Trump Wants to Narrow H-1B Visa Program (From SHRM)
      President Trump has made it a priority to make changes to the H-1B Visa Program which allows U.S. employers to temporarily hire highly skilled foreign workers. This article covers the original intent of the President’s executive order and potential impact for employers.
    • The Politics Behind H-1Bs (from Human Resources Executive Online)
      There are many perspectives on the potential impact of proposed H-1B program changes, and they are inextricably tied to politics. Here is one explanation from HRE Online.
    • Immigration Enforcement Efforts Expected to Increase (from SHRM)
      Immigration attorneys predict an increase in immigration enforcement. For employers, this could mean higher penalties for I-9 violations, more audits and raids, and more scrutiny over visas. Learn more in this article.

    Managing a Non-Traditional Workforce: Contingent, Remote and Global

    • What Benefits Can Companies Offer Gig Workers? (from SHRM)
      Offering traditional benefits through traditional channels to independent contractors can be a red flag for compliance efforts, yet it can be important to meet the needs of these workers to keep them productive and engaged and ensure they continue to engage with your company. This post covers a variety of ways you can approach benefits and perks creatively to ensure you stay within the letter of the law while also building goodwill.

      (P.S. Confused about why providing benefits to an independent contractor could result in fines and penalties? Contact iWorkGlobal to learn more about independent contractor compliance [1099 compliance in the U.S.] and how our services can ensure you stay compliant.)

    General Management & HR Resources

    • How AI is Making HR Functions Smarter (from The Hindu)
      In screening, interviewing, employee relations, and more, artificial intelligence is changing the way HR functions. Learn how your company could take advantage of these changes in this article.
    • The Future of HR: Embrace Technology, but Stay Human (from Personnel Today)
      As AI, tech, and analytics take over conversation in the HR realm, some people are emphasizing the importance of the human element to foster success. This article reminds HR professionals that “doing good” will always be an important objective. (Interested in learning more? Read a related article on maintaining the human element in HR from the Association for Talent Development here.)
    • Cisco Changed HR in 24 Hours Using Design Thinking (from SHRM)
      What could come out of a one-day “breakathon” bringing global employees together to break down and address what prevents HR from peak performance? A representative from Cisco explains how this tactic resulted in breaking down silos and a plethora of new ideas.

    If you have any questions about global workforce management or independent contractor compliance, or if you would like to learn more about engaging iWorkGlobal as an employer of record or agent of record for your workforce, please contact us.

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