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    The Value of Truly Global Perspective, Using HR Tech to Improve Processes, and More

    HR Advice for Global Companies

    Do you understand the benefits of a truly global mindset? How can you take advantage of HR technology trends like artificial intelligence to improve recruitment and workforce management processes? See below for resources on these topics and other current trends and updates.

    Latest Employment News

    • Class-action Waivers Remains a Huge Issue for Employers (from Workforce)
      Does the National Labor Relations Act permit employers to require employees to give up their rights to litigate or arbitrate class or collective actions? This Workforce article explains the current case situations surrounding this issue.

    Managing a Non-Traditional Workforce: Contingent, Remote and Global

    • Prepare Your Training to Go Global (from the Association for Talent Development)
      If you manage a global workforce, do you take into account how culture impacts your training efforts? This post outlines why culture is an important consideration in a training program and some tips for managing cross-cultural training.
    • Do You Have a Global Mindset? (from the Association for Talent Management)
      As more and more business is conducted globally and individual countries become more entwined with business practices, news, and even entertainment, it can be easy to gloss over important cultural differences that are important considerations for success in various locations. This summary of a recent conference session asks if you maintain a global mindset, explains the importance of doing so, and provides some examples you can learn from to make the most of cross-cultural communication and business.

    General Management & HR Resources

    • How to Leverage AI for Talent Management (from HR Technologist)
      Artificial intelligence is more than a buzzword; it’s a trend driving innovation and improvements in HR processes. HR Technologist explains how companies can take advantage of AI throughout recruitment and onboarding.
    • HR Leader: Millennials Helping to Shape Better Workplace? (from Workforce)
      Millennials are much maligned in HR and business literature. However, at the recent Great Place to Work for All event in Chicago, one speaker explained how the Millennial perspective of innovation and fresh thinking is crucial for business success.
    • HR Tech is Transforming Workplace Management Norms (from HRTechnologist)
      As HR technology rapidly changes, it can be difficult for HR professionals to keep up. This post outlines some recent trends that have fundamentally changed the way companies do business and how companies manage workers.

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