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    Three Things to Consider If You’re Expanding to Brazil

    Brazil flag being held with two hands in the air

    Gustavo Senges – Managing Director, LATAM

    You are considering expanding your business to Brazil – great! There are rich rewards to be found in the Brazilian marketplace. As with any new market-entry project, there are many things to consider before moving forward. Here are three considerations from the experts at iWorkGlobal:  


    The Brazilian people are famously open, gregarious, and fun-loving. In addition to the fact that Brazilians speak Portuguese – and not Spanish – there are other important facts you should consider. Brazilians are shrewd negotiators, entrepreneurial, and creative in their approach to business. These qualities are sometimes overlooked as Brazilians put a large emphasis on building relationships first before engaging in business. Be prepared to talk, over a cafézinho (small dark coffee), about social, non-business-related topics during meetings for a much longer time than is customary in the U.S. or Europe. Patience pays off as eventually business is discussed. 

    Workforce / Employment Market 

    The Brazilian employment market is still mired in rigid rules and practices like the rest of Latin America. In fact, many companies considering expanding to Brazil need to think about the impact of higher-than-normal labor costs and how those overlap with a complex bureaucracy. Despite these hurdles, there is light at the end of the tunnel. As multinational corporations move to reduce workforce costs, liabilities, and investment in human resources, through the adoption of globally integrated workforce solutions, the Brazilian government is making strides towards a more welcoming employment market. As such, temporary and contingent employees, payrolling, and other aspects of workforce management that were unheard of in Brazil only a few years ago, are now presentThis shift has been called the “Brazil New Labor Market. 

    Local Expertise 

    As the business saying goes, “Brazil is not for amateurs.” While there is some truth to this, there is hope when you have a local expert to help guide you in your expansion plans. Having an established local relationship is essential to the success of your business expansion plans, and is one of the best ways to get business done in Brazil. Local representatives can work closely with your U.S.– based legal and compliance experts to help solve the many daunting problems that can arise; from working through start-up issues such as opening subsidiaries to compliantly and easily opening bank accounts. 


    With a robustdiverse and sophisticated consumer base, Brazil is a fantastic market to explore for almost any business. Challenges in expanding there are surmountable with patience, cultural dexterity, and a local guide who can walk you through the most difficult steps. 

    With experts in the U.S., Brazil, and around the globe – iWorkGlobal can help you fast-track hiring, payroll, or expand internationally. Our proven in-country expertise combined with our Employer of Record service will get your workers up and running quickly and compliantly, anywhere in the worldSimply recruit your talent, and let us take care of the rest.  


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