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The iWorkGlobal Way

iWorkGlobal’s high-touch service and technology-enabled processes differentiates us from our competitors.

Dedicated Delivery

  • Service teams : A single iWorkGlobal point of contact, regardless of the size of your account.
  • Strategic resources : Teams integrated with customer workforce planning.
  • Relationships : Dedicated teams strengthen customer relationships (escalation/resolution/management).

Technology-Enabled Processes

  • MyVista : Our complimentary, cloud-based integrated platform provides a comprehensive overview of your global workforce from anywhere.
  • Obtain country-specific employment information through MyGuides – your free source of comprehensive, current and vetted employment law information for countries around the world.
  • Systematic processes : Deep technology integration beyond front-end input drives back-end workflow, processing, consolidated invoicing and reporting.
  • Specialization : Specialized workflow between client solutions team and partners to increase efficiency and performance.

Country Experts

  • iWorkGlobal : U.S. experts ensure employment set up and compliance with state and federal labor laws while either iWorkGlobal or country teams ensure employment set up and compliance with local labor laws.
  • Processing support : iWorkGlobal or country teams handle administration, auditing, quality controls, onboarding and back-office support.