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    Telecommuting and the Gig Economy, Cautions for Employers, and More

    Woman telecommuting as part of the gig economy

    This week’s weekly employment news roundup features breaking news and the new research from the U.S., Canada, the UAE, and more, as well as updates on the latest workplace trends. Read more below.

    Latest Employment News

    • Five Common Mistakes Companies Make on T4s (from The Globe and Mail)
      Accountants in Canada say it’s fairly common for small employers in Canada to make errors on employees’ T4 slips. Here are the four most common mistakes.
    • Zenefits Will Pay $3.4 Million in Unpaid Overtime to 743 Employees (from TechCrunch)
      Proving that no industry is immune from increasing scrutiny of workforce compliance, the Department of Labor is requiring Zenefits to pay a significant amount of unpaid overtime to 743 of its account executives and salespeople in California and Arizona. This article outlines the case.
    • Top 10 Employment Cases of 2017 Reviewed (from SHRM)
      With Q2 coming to a close, there have already been several landmark employment cases in 2017. Here are the highlights, including LGBT cases, ADA cases, and more.

    Managing a Non-Traditional Workforce: Contingent, Remote and Global

    • Why The Gig Economy Could Reinvent The UAE Workplace For The Better (from Forbes)
      The United Arab Emirates have seen a tremendous increase in labor needs over the past few decades due to cutting-edge development projects. As in other countries, UAE leaders are turning to the gig economy to fill those needs. This article outlines how those needs differ in the UAE, a country with an 80% expat population, and what the future could bring for the country in terms of contingent workers.

    General Management & HR Resources

    • Seattle’s Minimum Wage Hike May Have Gone Too Far (from FiveThirtyEight)
      This article reviews a recent study from the University of Washington that suggests recent minimum wage hikes may have led to steep drops in employment for low-wage workers and fewer hours for those who kept their jobs. Learn more about the study and the examined effects of the hikes in this post.
    • Employee Not ‘Otherwise Qualified’ (from Workforce Magazine)
      How many accommodations must an employer make to an employee requiring infinite leaves of absence? Here’s a case that upheld one company’s dismissal decision.

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