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    MyVista New Feature: Explore MyTalent

    MyTalent preview image

    iWorkGlobal’s mission is to provide flexible workforce solutions so that companies can engage talent anywhere in the world. With our MyVista platform, our clients have been able to easily engage, manage and pay their contingent workers. But what about finding talent? We listened to our clients and created MyTalenta value-added feature that helps our client managers self-source talent. We spoke to Andrea Norup, our Vice President, Product & Implementation to explore the evolution of MyTalent. 

    How would you describe the new MyTalent feature? 

    In a nutshell, MyTalent leverages manager and worker inputs in a searchable interface for clients to easily search, identify, and re-deploy their talent.

    Here’s how it works:  

    • At the end of an assignment or project, workers can update their profiles by adding their skill sets, LinkedIcontact information and resume.   
    • Managers can note a worker’s level of work experience, expertise and ratings.  
    • For future projects, managers can search talent using the MyTalent interface, by skill, location, job title and many other filters 

    Ultimately this allows managers to quickly search on previously engaged talent who were successful in prior engagements and may require less training or ramp up. 

    Can you recall how the thought or idea for MyTalent came about?  

    We identified the need for MyTalent in 2019 and added it to the product roadmap for 2020. Having access to talent is always a key business driver for our clients and offering a selfsourcing talent community is a competitive aspect for iWorkGlobal.  

    What were some of the obstacles you encountered or learnings you received in developing MyTalent?  

    From a technical perspective, researching, identifying and implementing the right virus scanning solution to protect from malware and save users time was a significant investment in focus and time for the team. In terms of challenges and learnings, the true effectiveness of MyTalent lies in the interaction and input from both the worker and the manager. Developing a clean and intuitive interface that addressed two different users and their needs required several iterations and rounds of UI design. Even though it’s time-consuming, spending significant time on design and UI is crucial to the success of feature development and we’ll continue to use these learnings moving forward. 

    What are you most proud of with this feature and will you be building upon this feature?  

    The MyVista platform has come to be known as a very simple, easytouse yet powerful platform. MyTalent builds upon this distinction by providing similar aesthetics driven by a backend consisting of comprehensive and powerful search features.  

    Identifying and finding talent is a constant driver for our clients and for prospective buyers. Buyer feedback from a recent report released by NelsonHall, a leading BPO services research firm, indicated that they desired a modern UX for their workers, access to digital capabilities such as intelligent automation, and analytic reporting and insights.  The report also noted that “Talent sourcing was not in use…and is commonly not offered by global EoR vendors natively  

    We’re proud that MyTalent answers both of these client needs with an elegant yet comprehensive solution for selfsourcing previously deployed talentIt potentially shortens the time to fill select positions, thus providing an automated, native talent solution – all in-platform. 


    Andrea Norup,
    Vice President, Product & Implementation

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