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    MyVista New Feature: A Cross-Cultural Learning Platform

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    iWorkGlobal’s mission is to provide flexible workforce solutions so that companies can engage talent anywhere in the world. When we say ‘anywhere in the world’ we mean it and we know that talent lives within the context of their country culture. Having direct access to knowledge about a country’s business culture can give a growing business a head start as it pertains to talent acquisition and management. We talked more about this and our new cultural knowledge feature with Andrea Norup, our Vice President, Product & Implementation. 

    What are MyGuides and what does the cross-cultural addition provide? 

    MyGuides, a feature of our MyVista platform, provides country-specific information to our clients for approximately 100 countries in addition to U.S. states. Through MyGuides, our clients can view country highlights, comprehensive employment law information, and holidays – which all provide vetted guidance on remaining compliant in select countries. While our MyGuides information provides the hard data needed to operate legally in a foreign country, we know business culture is unique to every country, and integral to the success of foreign businesses seeking to do business there. We partnered with a leading cross-cultural and inclusion learning platform to provide country-specific cultural information such as communication styles, core values, diversity factors and more. We know cultural competency is essential in successfully leading and managing a global workforce and this new addition to our MyGuides feature helps position our clients for growth.  

    Were clients asking for this information? Was this a gap you identified?  

    We regularly look for content that would benefit our clients, and during this process we encountered providers offering cultural intelligence content.  Because clients are always looking for a competitive edge, we believed that providing vetted, cultural intelligence was an important tool to add to their expansion toolboxes. For instance, with this cultural content, clients can learn how to establish credibility with their colleagues in Brazil or identify the best way to give feedback to workers in Finland. 

    When you were looking for the information, were there any concerns about the reliability of the information i.e. Did it accurately capture country culture?  

    In choosing a vendor for the content, we felt it imperative to vet the curation of the information, its accuracy and usefulness. Given that we are a global company, we created a diverse task force and asked members to review and validate content from their home country and countries with which they were familiar. The feedback was encouraging and affirming as members indicated that there was no question that the cultural content was expertly created and vetted, and gave deep insight into not only business culture, but local personalities.  Quoting one of our task force members “…this content makes me realize that I am really German indeed.”  

    What are you most proud of with this feature?   

    The clients who have sampled the cultural content have found the information to be extremely interesting and helpful. We, along with our clients, have increasingly come to understand how culture changes the landscape for how we interact with partners, vendors and customers. With the future of work having pivoted to a more geographically-distributed outlook, we think it’s important that we help our clients embrace and adapt to the wide diversity of their future workforces.  

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    Andrea Norup,
    Vice President, Product & Implementation

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