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June 2014 Compliance And Misclassification Update, Sham Contractors, Employment Law Trends HR Needs To Know, June Jobs Report

June 2014 Monthly Independent Contractor Compliance And Misclassification Update

  • FEMALE FOOTBALL PLAYERS SUE LINGERIE LEAGUE FOR IC MISCLASSIFICATION. A former Lingerie Football League player has filed a class action lawsuit in a California state court against the all-female, professional league (now called the Legends Football League). The lawsuit claims that current and former players were willfully misclassified as independent contractors instead of employees. The complaint alleges a number of violations of the California wage and hour laws…

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Big Stick For Sham Contractors

Sham contracting has earned Linkhill Pty Ltd a record fine of $313,500 this month. The company had engaged workers to renovate its properties on Flinders Lane and Collins St in Melbourne. Representatives of Linkhill led the workers to understand that their contracts were for services, not of employment, and consequently avoided paying approximately $153,000 in entitlements to them. Judge O’Sullivan held that the relationship between Linkhill and those workers was in fact one of employment. As a result, Linkhill was found guilty of sham contracting and was ordered to pay a fine…

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3 Employment Law Trends HR Managers Need To Know

Last week, the Phoenix office of Fisher & Phillips hosted an all-day human resources workshop dealing with a variety of labor and employment law topics. We were fortunate to get feedback from a number of valley HR professionals, and during our conversations several trends and requests for information were top of mind. Below are descriptions of three of these trends and several suggestions on how to manage them effectively.


1. Litigation issues are on the rise.


During the past ten years, there has been a rising tide of wage and hour litigation in the U.S. Much to the dismay of…

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A Blockbuster June Jobs Report And Its Meaning For Business

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) June jobs and unemployment report, released on Friday, July 3, was a blockbuster. The economy added 288,000 jobs and the unemployment rate fell to 6.1 percent. With the revisions to April’s and May’s jobs reports, the net increase actually amounted to 317,000 jobs, with growth spread broadly across most industries. For the first time since the turn of the century, the United States has experienced five straight months in which 200,000 or more net jobs have been created.


After a 2.9 percent decline in gross domestic product in 2014’s first quarter…

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