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Italian Employment Law, TUPE Guidance in the UK, & Dealing with Cultural Conventions

Best place to move…No. 1? Think waltz, Mozart, Freud.

And the best city to move to is…

On January 28, 2014, the Newark City Council approved a sick leave ordinance that would require most private employers in Newark to provide their…

Newark close to becoming next city to approve sick leave ordinance

This article is the second in a series which provides a brief overview of the some of the key elements of employment law in Italy.

Basics Of Employment Law In Italy

The unemployment rate dropped to 6.6% in January 2014, which is the lowest rate since October of 2008 and reflects a pattern of decreasing unemployment since the high of 10% in October of 2009.

Unemployment Rate Falls To Lowest Rate Since October 2008

Dismissals for refusing to accept pay cuts after a TUPE Transfer were not for an ETO reason, even when the pay cuts were to avoid redundancies.

United Kingdom: TUPE – Guidance On ETO Dismissals

Contract of Service can easily be termed as ‘when one person has agreed to employ another person as an employee, and the other person has agreed to the terms of employment and of an employee.

India: Contract Of Service And Restrictive Covenants 

If an employer disentitles an employee or reduces the amount of an employee’s bonus due to the employee having taken maternity leave then it may be…

Hong Kong Family Friendly Bitesize

The Mayor of San Francisco recently signed an ordinance that prohibits private employers and city contractors and subcontractors (collectively “contractors”) from asking job applicants about their criminal histories until after the first interview.

San Francisco “Bans The Box” For Private Employers And City Contractors

Foreign companies doing business in China are likely to encounter local cultural conventions that conflict with the legal and ethical rules under which they are required to operate.

New Report Reviews Compliance Practices In China

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