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    Faces of the Freelance Community: Successfully managing the business of an unretired freelancer

    Independent Contractor working at home

    There are many faces that make up the diverse and talented freelancer economy. Each freelancer has a unique story and skill set that is desired in the on-demand economy. The on-demand economy is composed of all ages, professions, and backgrounds to offer rich talent to hungry enterprises.

    To take a deeper look at some of the faces of the freelancer economy, Bunker sat down with Bob, a healthcare industry expert, to hear his insight about the on-demand economy.  Bob’s perspective is rooted in decades of experience and shows his passion for the industry continues to thrive, even in retirement. He’s joined by a growing segment of retired professionals who have returned to their industries as a consultant. They call themselves the “unretired.” With the changing nature of work, many industries are leaning on the experience (and relationships) of “unretired” professionals to guide them forward.

    Bob was a professional in the health industry for 40 years before deciding to retire. Now, he works with human resources departments in the industry to help them retain employees, and with schools and employers to create internship programs for the industry’s future workforce. What started as a few requests here and there quickly expanded. “I was retired but was asked to consult by a previous employer and I decided to pursue it,” said Bob. “I started consulting on the side, but demand for my services quickly had me working full time again.”

    The high interest in his services shows no signs of slowing. “Demand for what I do is so strong I’ve actually had to pass along potential clients to others,” Bob says. “Business just finds me.” The volume of potential clients is so high that Bob is even thinking about incorporating and hiring extra consultants to accommodate them.

    The many leadership positions and extensive network he gained through his years in the industry are part of what make his consulting services so attractive. “In my 40 years in the industry, I’ve led multiple group organizations, too many to name,” Bob noted. “I have many relationships with workforce investment boards that specialize in healthcare. I’ve led some of these boards as well.”

    But the industry, and its key players, don’t look like they did 40 years ago. Bob says his biggest challenge these days is guiding his clients in the changing dynamic of work, “When I started in the healthcare industry, keeping employees happy was not a thing. 40 years later with almost full employment, things have flipped. It’s all about keeping workers happy now. Keeping them happy and engaged. My challenge is helping my clients figure out how to keep talent.”

    When asked if there was anything he wishes he’d known before making the transition from full-time employee to contractor, he said knowing how to handle the different contract and insurance requirements from each client would’ve been a good starting point.

    He said his experience with iWorkGlobal was a noticeable contrast to the processes he’d used with other clients.

    “iWorkGlobal contacted me letting me know that my client had partnered with them in on-boarding consultants like me. They conducted the background checks and guided me through the on-boarding process. They referred me to Bunker to get my insurance. I received a quote from them within the day and purchased after shopping around with different insurance providers. Overall, it was a very positive experience and quicker than I had expected.”

    As on demand work becomes more and more popular, the barriers to working quickly, like insurance and background checks, are adapting as well. It’s a slow process, but companies like iWorkGlobal are helping make the future of work safe and efficient for everyone – from fresh faced freelancers just starting out, to “unretired” consultants like Bob.

    This article was provided by Bunker. Bunker provides flexible business insurance for independent contractors, freelancers, and small businesses. Visit to learn more.

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