Global Employment Law Updates, Becoming More Influential, and More

This week’s iWorkGlobal Employment News Roundup features a variety of topics crucial for any employer whose workforce spans multiple countries or includes contingent work arrangements.

Latest Employment News

It can be nearly impossible for employers to stay up to date on constantly evolving employment legislation, rules, and news that can vary between countries, regions, and cities. iWorkGlobal can help keep you informed about the latest changes and avoid missteps that can result in fines and penalties.

  • Six Talent Management Challenges Facing the Middle East (from The HR Observer)
    Just like in other locations, employers in the Middle East are facing a shifting regional and global work environment. Learn more about the talent management challenges facing the Middle East in this article.

Managing a Non-Traditional Workforce: Contingent, Remote, and Global

Managing a non-traditional workforce with remote workers, workers located in other countries, independent contractors, or other contingent workers presents some unique challenges and requires solutions specific to these types of work arrangements. Here are a few articles with advice and information we find helpful for employers engaging these types of workers.

  • How to Better Manage a Contingent Workforce (from HC Online)
    With the shift to a more contingent workforce in full swing, employers need to ensure their workers remain engaged. This article provides some best practices you can use when managing your contingent workers.

General Management Resources

Top business and HR leaders are constantly striving to improve their knowledge and skillsets. Here are some of our current favorite articles from around the web to aid in professional development.

  • How Can HR Become More Influential? (from HC Online)
    HR leaders play crucial roles in helping their companies navigate work environments that are constantly shifting, and exhibiting influence on others is key to this effort. Learn how to build your ability to become more influential as an HR leader.
  • 5 Factors that Lead to More Productive Employees (from the Association for Talent Development)
    Productivity is a key concern for employers looking to improve profits and make the most of resources. But with changing employee expectations, it can be a challenge to know what to focus on to foster the highest rates of productivity. This article shares the common traits of workplaces that have productive employees.

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