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    Flexible Work Arrangements Around the World, Understanding Remote Working Trends, and More

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    What are the most newsworthy topics in global employment today, and how can your company stay informed? Consult iWorkGlobal’s weekly Employment News Roundup for an assortment of timely news and timeless advice and resources.

    As Q2 nears its midpoint, how HR technology advancements are facilitating rapid shifts in workforce trends is still an important topic for global companies to consider. Here are some of this week’s most interesting and important stories.

    Latest Employment News

    • The State of Flexible Working in 12 Countries (From Human Resources Online)
      Remote working arrangements are increasing in popularity in the U.S. But is that also the case in other countries? A new study from Polycom examines trends in 12 different countries.
    • Indian Companies Plan to Spend More on HR Technology This Year (from the Society for Human Resource Management)
      HR Tech is not just an important topic in the U.S.; it’s important to companies throughout the world. A survey presented at the third annual SHRM India Tech conference last month captured trends in India and across Asia.

    Managing a Non-Traditional Workforce: Contingent, Remote and Global

    • How to Overcome 4 Big Challenges When Starting a Remote Company (from
      In previous Employment News Roundups, iWorkGlobal has shared many best practices for working with remote employees. But what if your entire business is remote? Here are some common challenges remote companies face, and strategies to overcome them.
    • De-Risking Your Global Contract Workforce (from Spend Matters)
      This article introduces American companies to what they need to know when it comes to a global contract workforce, and what to look for in partners helping them expand their business.

    General Management & HR Resources

    • Mobile Technology Giving CIOs a Peace of Mind (from Information Age)
      As the ways we work change, so do the devices we use to complete that work. With the explosion in remote working comes challenges related to data safety on both company-owned and personal devices. Read more about implementing a secure remote working strategy here.
    • Thinking Through How Automation Will Affect Your Workforce (from Harvard Business Review)
      Automation has been a buzzword for decades – but what do company leaders need to know about how it will affect business? This post provides a four-step approach to understanding the true impact of automation.

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