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    Drivers of HR Technological Advancements, Managing a Fully Remote Workforce, and More

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    What’s driving technological advancements in HR? What considerations do employers need to take into account when hiring foreign workers after laying off local workers? See below for updates on these topics as well as advice for managing a remote workforce and using advancements in technology enhance HR approaches.

    Latest Employment News

    • Employers Must Notify Laid-Off Workers Before Hiring Foreign Workers (From SHRM)
      The Board of Alien Labor Certification Appeals recently upheld a ruling that denied Cisco labor certification for two foreign workers, saying that the company failed to adequately notify recently laid-off workers about the openings. Read more about what this could mean for other employers in this post.

    Managing a Non-Traditional Workforce: Contingent, Remote and Global

    • Role Modeling for a Distributed Team (from the association for Talent Management)
      Role modeling is an efficient way to elicit results and behavior. Some argue that with a remote workforce, role modeling is even more important. This post explains why that’s the case, and how you can practice role modeling for successful outcomes with your remote workforce.
    • How HR Works Within a Fully Remote Firm (from HRM Canada)
      While companies are increasingly offering remote working options, managing HR with a company that is fully remote is a different type of challenge. Here’s how one company manages these challenges.
    • Do You Have a Global Mindset? (from the Association for Talent Development)
      Success in a Global Business Environment depends, in-part, on your outlook. Do you take into account all the considerations of a truly global business environment?

    General Management & HR Resources

    • How Mobile Technology is Changing HR (Video) (from Employee Benefits)
      Mobile technology is changing nearly every facet of modern life, with many of us glued to our phone and other screens more often than we’d like to admit. How is this shift changing HR? This video explains.

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