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    Changing EU GDPR Requirements, Keeping Remote Workers in the Loop, and More

    HR Professional Using Big Data

    From changing data storage requirements for employers in the EU (GDPR) to the best ways to share employee benefits with remote workers, this week’s Employment News Roundup covers the latest articles from around the globe to help you manage your workforce.

    Latest Employment News

    • GDPR: A Challenge And An Opportunity (From Forbes)
      The EU’s general data protection regulation (GDPR), which will go into effect next year, will require that companies maintain adequate data records, disclose data breaches, and increase opt-out options. Companies not in compliance could face significant fines. This article outlines the GDPR requirements as well as the environment that is making these requirements a necessity.

    Managing a Non-Traditional Workforce: Contingent, Remote and Global

    • Remote Workers Don’t Have to Be Your Team’s Black Sheep (from Fortune)
      With working remotely becoming more common, it’s important for companies to consider how to fully engage these workers and provide the tools necessary for remote working success. Read more about remote working considerations in this article.

    General Management & HR Resources

    • With Transformation Comes Destruction (from the Association for Talent Development)
      Do you see technology as advancement or disruption? According to this post, it undoubtedly brings both – and organizations must understand the full impact of technological advancement and adjust accordingly to overcome the disruption.
    • Why a Human Touch Matters Now More than Ever for Benefits Technology (from HR Dive)
      Benefits technology is rapidly changing the way employees learn about benefits. However, technology-supported communication channels have their drawbacks – and employees need to rely on a short path to information, especially when it comes to health benefits. This article explains.
    • What Will It Take to Close the Skills Gap? Take an Educated Guess (from Workforce)
      Many companies are struggling to find qualified workers, experiencing long delays in filling highly-specialized positions. What will it take to close this skills gap? This article suggests employers play a more active role in continuing education and that workers consider learning a lifelong pursuit and not preparation for a career.

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