Changes in US H-1B Reqs and Australian Minimum Wage, CA Salary History Ban, and More

This week’s Employment News Roundup includes changes to Australia’s minimum wage, new H-1B requirements, a potential ban on asking candidates about salary history, and a variety of resources for managing your workforce. Read more about the latest global workforce management trends below.

Latest Employment News

  • Hiring Top Foreign Talent Just Got Easier (from HR Director Canada)
    The Canadian Government has launched a new global skills visa program, lifting barriers to hiring foreign talent for Canadian companies. This post shares a few details about the new rules and who stands to benefit from them.
  • Over a Quarter of Firms Globally Plan to Grow Permanent Headcount (from HRM Asia)
    Employers around the world are still reporting optimism about the global environment for business growth, despite global economic uncertainty and challenges attracting talent. This article shares the results of a recent global survey from the EY Growth Barometer that examined economic confidence, growth plans, business challenges, and more.
  • Asking Applicants for Salary History May Soon Be Banned in California (from SHRM)
    Some recent reports have shown that basing compensation on salary history contributes to reinforcing pay inequality. A newly proposed bill in California takes aim at that inequality by requiring private employers to disclose a position’s pay scale to candidates who request it and prohibiting employers from asking about salary history. Learn more in this post.

Managing a Non-Traditional Workforce: Contingent, Remote and Global

  • DOL to Modify H-1B Form, Proposes New Filing Fees (from SHRM)
    On June 6th, the U.S. Department of Labor announced changes to the labor condition application form and new proposed fees for companies who engage workers with H-1B visas. In this post, SHRM outlines the changes and the importance of staying up-to-date on the changing requirements.
  • Australian Minimum Wage to Rise to $18.29 an Hour (from Employee Benefits)
    The Australian minimum wage is set to rise by 3.3% to $18.29 per hour as of July 1, 2017. This will lead to a rise of $22.20 in minimum earnings for a 38-hour work week. Read more about changes in this post.

General Management & HR Resources

  • Why Employees Leave, and How to Make Them Stay (from the World Economic Forum)
    It’s no secret that employee turnover can result in huge costs for employers. This article outlines a new report from Glassdoor examining why and when employees leave, and what they may be looking for in a new role.
  • 7 Common Staffing Mistakes That Doom Many Businesses (from Forbes)
    Building the right team can be one of the biggest challenges in the business world. This is especially true for entrepreneurs, who may have little experience hiring and managing people. Here are seven of the most common mistakes businesses make, and how to avoid them.
  • What New Technologies Mean for the Future of Office Space (from National Real Estate Investor)
    With the changes in how and where people work have come significant changes to the office environment. From more open spaces to encourage collaboration to resources emphasizing health and wellness, employers need to understand these changes to keep up with what employees expect from the workplace. The National Real Estate Investor explains.

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