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    3 Reasons Your Business Should Consider Expansion to Germany

    Berlin skyline with Spree river at sunset, Germany

    For businesses looking to establish an international presence, evaluating country-specific factors such as availability of skills, labor laws, economy, and more should be considered before entering a new marketplace. Germany for example, offers a range of compelling factors that make it a top destination for business expansion.

    Here are our top 3 reasons your business should consider expanding to Germany:

    Large Market

    With a population exceeding 82 million residents, Germany is the most populated country in the EU. As such, Germany also holds the title for the largest market in the EU and fourth-largest economy in the world.

    Educated Workforce

    Germany has a world-class education system with over 81% of the population trained at either university entrance level or a recognized vocational qualification. This lends itself well to businesses seeking highly-qualified talent pools with a wide availability of skills.

    Central Location

    Germany is situated at the heart of Europe, sharing borders with every major economy in Central Europe. This provides immediate access to established markets in Western Europe (Netherlands, France, UK) and growing markets in Central and Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary).


    With their well-educated population, geography and growing economy, Germany is a fantastic market to explore for almost any business.

    At iWorkGlobal, our on-the-ground experts can help you get workers up and running quickly and compliantly in Germany and around the world. Simply recruit your talent, and let us take care of the rest. Check out our three simple steps to find out how it works.

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