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Removing Barriers to Workforce Management

More and more companies are expanding globally to take advantage of economic opportunity. Yet, bringing on international workers can be a highly complicated, time-consuming, risky proposition, especially if you are expanding into multiple countries or if you need to fast-track worker hiring.

As a pioneer in workforce expansion and management in the U.S. and abroad, iWorkGlobal removes the barriers to opportunity, simplifying and streamlining the worker engagement process for you. We have an established partner network in over 160 countries that provides vital access to local expertise and resources. We can also provide services in all 50 U.S. states. Our workforce experts constantly stay up to date on the latest labor laws and independent contractor compliance regulations, ensuring your workers get up and running quickly.

Empowering Workforce Management with Ease

With our independent contractor compliance service, iWorkGlobal evaluates each worker engagement to assess the risk of worker misclassification and ensure compliancy with various tax, government and employment laws. We can then engage your workers through our agent of record service (for independent contractors) and employer of record service. We take care of all the complex administrative and legal tasks involved with those roles-customized to each country’s or state’s requirements and your specific needs-leaving you free to focus on your business.

You Are Never on Your Own

Whether you need to outsource domestic or global payroll, administer benefits, lower risk by ensuring independent contractors are accurately classified, or track invoicing, we offer a complete range of flexible, turnkey solutions, customized to your needs. With iWorkGlobal, you also have access to MyVista-our revolutionary, cloud-based platform that empowers you to manage your contingent workforce anytime, anywhere, with real-time information and powerful tools. With MyVista, the limitless opportunity of the new gig economy lies at your fingertips.

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