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Why Choose iWorkGlobal’s Employer of Record (EOR) Services?

  1. Achieve the ultimate level of workforce flexibility.

Working with contractors or consultants can help you quickly adjust to fluctuations in your company’s demand. It can also help you rapidly expand to multiple countries. You benefit from the best talent in any location without the responsibility of being a full employer.

  1. Eliminate administrative burdens.

It can be difficult to manage the administrative process of onboarding, payrolling, and offboarding contingent workers, especially if you have high-volume or time-critical workforce needs or if you have a workforce that spans multiple countries. When you choose employer of record services from iWorkGlobal, we ensure tax and employment eligibility documents are completed, payroll taxes are withheld, and benefits are provided. We can also conduct background checks or any other pre-employment screening you need.

  1. Rely on us to handle all the details.

When you work with iWorkGlobal and our international network of experts, you get to do what you love and outsource everything else. Your workforce gets paid on time, every time, and you can focus on building your business.

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