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Mitigating Independent Contractor Compliance Risk

More employers than ever before are working with independent contractors to supplement their workforce capacity. Yet, many don’t realize the significant risks for engaging independent contractors who should be classified as employees. As you expand, it is vital to mitigate such risks.

Independent contractor compliance (or in the U.S., 1099 compliance) laws are complicated, often vague, contradictory, and ever-changing. They also vary enormously between countries and even between U.S. states. Even with the best intentions, companies who hire international workers may find it challenging to navigate the minefield of requirements to stay compliant. Missteps in worker classification can result in catastrophic consequences—from millions of dollars in fines, penalties, back pay, and lost worker benefits to business-critical delays in expanding operations. In addition, risk assessment can be a time-consuming process, whether you engage one or many independent contractors, in just one U.S. state or in countries throughout the world.

Providing Peace of Mind

iWorkGlobal shields you from that risk, helping you confidently classify your workforce to make independent contractor engagement simple, fast, and safe.

Here in the U.S. and through our network of partners in over 160 countries, we stay on top of the latest compliance requirements worldwide, so you don’t have to. We provide a comprehensive risk assessment and evaluation for each worker engagement, along with a clear path of action to keep your company safe. Once workers are accurately classified, iWorkGlobal provides support services, such as serving as your employer of record (for payrolled workers) or agent of record (for independent contractors), and ongoing risk assessment and mitigation. We also provide locally-specific requirements and on-demand information about your workforce through MyVista, our powerful cloud-based workforce management platform.

With iWorkGlobal’s independent contractor compliance services, you confidently avoid misclassification and gain peace of mind as you focus on your business.

What current clients are saying about iWorkGlobal’s compliance service:

“We’ve partnered with iWorkGlobal for almost 18 months using their employer of record and compliance services. Since day one, we’ve received excellent customer service guiding us through the compliance maze. Our account team members are immediately responsive and accommodating to our rapidly shifting needs while maintaining both a sense of urgency and humor. The entire compliance process is straightforward, and our organization has benefitted from the efficiencies, processes, and reporting of the program they implemented.

iWorkGlobal has proven to be a valuable partner and “solutionist,” and we are extremely grateful for our ongoing partnership. Their experience, due diligence and appreciation of us is commendable We anticipate a continuing partnership for the foreseeable future.”

-HR Director, Health Care Non-Profit Foundation

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