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A Universal Challenge, Especially for Global Companies

Independent contractor (IC) compliance laws are complicated–often vague, contradictory, and ever-changing. Even with the best intentions, it can be impossible for companies who work with contractors in other countries to navigate the potential minefield of requirements to stay compliant. You could be risking millions of dollars in penalties and fines and risk assessment can be a time-consuming process, whether you engage one or many ICs.

The experts at iWorkGlobal can help. The moment you want to hire your first IC, make us your first call. Through our network of partners in over 160 countries, we help you quickly and confidently evaluate and onboard your ICs, forging a clear path of action to keep your company safe.

Once your workforce is appropriately classified, iWorkGlobal provides a variety of ongoing workforce classification and support services, including serving as an agent or employer of record, payrolling, ongoing assessment and risk mitigation, and more.

Learn whether utilization of independent contractors is putting your company at risk.

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