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Simplifying the complexities of independent contractor invoicing, payment and management

Paying independent contractors can be a major logistical challenge. Processing dozens or even hundreds of individual independent contractor (IC) invoices is time-consuming and expensive. Paying overseas contractors can be even more challenging, especially if you have ICs working in multiple countries and invoices coming in from multiple partners.

iWorkGlobal’s agent of record services can help significantly. No matter if your ICs work in the U.S. or abroad, iWorkGlobal simplifies and streamlines your processes by consolidating IC invoicing and payments through our intuitive, cloud-based platform, MyVista. Instead of processing individual invoices from each IC or a partner in each country, you receive and process only one invoice from iWorkGlobal, and important payment information for all your IC engagements is instantly accessible.

As your true partner, iWorkGlobal also provides customized service support and, as needed, ongoing independent contractor compliance risk assessment to help ensure your success.

Knowing iWorkGlobal has all the administrative details covered leaves you free to focus on completing projects and growing your business.

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