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Telecommuting and the Gig Economy, Cautions for Employers, and More

11 July 2017

This week's weekly employment news roundup features breaking news and the new research from the U.S., Canada, the UAE, and more, as well as updates on the latest workplace trends. Read more below. Latest Employment News Five Common Mistakes Companies…

Global Updates: Data Protection, Pay Transparency, and More

25 June 2017

From new German requirements regarding pay transparency to the business implications of a new data protection law in the European Union, this week's iWorkGlobal Employment News Roundup shares the latest employment news and workforce management advice from around the globe.…

Changes in US H-1B Reqs and Australian Minimum Wage, CA Salary History Ban, and More

22 June 2017

This week's Employment News Roundup includes changes to Australia's minimum wage, new H-1B requirements, a potential ban on asking candidates about salary history, and a variety of resources for managing your workforce. Read more about the latest global workforce management…

Changing EU Data Management Requirements, Keeping Remote Workers in the Loop, and More

13 June 2017

From changing data storage requirements for employers in the EU to the best ways to share employee benefits with remote workers, this week's Employment News Roundup covers the latest articles from around the globe to help you manage your workforce.…

The Value of Truly Global Perspective, Using HR Tech to Improve Processes, and More

6 June 2017

Do you understand the benefits of a truly global mindset? How can you take advantage of HR technology trends like artificial intelligence to improve recruitment and workforce management processes? See below for resources on these topics and other current trends…